Larceny Base Game

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Larceny Base Game


Can you plan the perfect heist?

Larceny is a fast paced party game where you and your friends plan one heist after another. Each round is a different heist, with different challenges to overcome, and each round is presided over a new Chief, the player who decides what the final plan will be.

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The Crew (aka the players), each draw 7 Fix cards.

The Chief (played by a different member of the Crew each round) outlines the heist by drawing a Score and two Catches.

Once the Chief has provided any details about the heist that the Crew might need, the Crew plays one Fix per Catch, selecting the best Fix in their hand to overcome each one.

When everyone has put their Fixes in, the Chief picks the best solution for each Catch and awards that Catch card to the winner so they can keep score. However "best" is entirely up to the Chief. One round the Chief might prefer stealth and subterfuge, while another Chief might enjoy the direct approach. It's entirely up to the Chief!


Each copy of the game includes: 

Score Deck - 32 cards (31 with text, 1 blank)

Catch Deck - 80 cards (78 with text, 2 blank)

Fix Deck - 152 cards (150 with text, 2 blank)

Rulebook - The rules for the base game, as well as the rules for many alternate gameplay modes.

The Score - The target of the heist. This could be anything from the Mona Lisa to the Hope Diamond, from the Lost Doctor Who Years to Dinosaur DNA. As long as it's valuable to someone it might end up here...shortly before it ends up in the trunk of the getaway car.

The Catch - Not every heist goes according to plan. You might have tried to cover every contingency, but there's always a Catch. From Drone Surveillance to a Laser Grid, from Alligators to Armed Guards, this deck is filled with problems for the clever Crew to overcome.

The Fix - What's a thief without tools and contacts? The Fix deck has everything a thief could need, from Lockpicks to Sledgehammers, from an Open Window to Hiring a Hacker. Armed with these Fixes, the Crew can bypass any Catch and get their hands on the Score.

Gameplay Variants

Larceny has multiple gameplay modes beside the base game. Some of our favorites are:

Best Laid Plan - The Crew has to get creative in this narrative mode. Each member of the Crew uses their Fix cards to outline a complete scheme for the heist and the Chief gets to pick the best plan.

Black Bag Job - In this mode, the Crew draws extra cards and then discards back down to the hand limit, building their black bag of tools and tricks for the heist ahead. Play is similar to the Best Laid Plan mode, where each player outlines a heist from beginning to end. In Black Bag mode however the Chief can play a surprise Catch in the middle of each player's story. The player must improvise a solution for the new Catch using their creativity and whatever Fixes they have left in their hand. 

Heist - In this cooperative mode, the crew works together during a heist, navigating the twists and turns of the job while the Chief plays Catch after Catch in an attempt to trip them up. As an added bonus, the Chief gets to pick and choose which Catches to throw at the Crew, so it gives every player some say in how the heist plays out!

Troubleshooter - In this versus mode, the Crew takes on the role of security troubleshooters, proposing ways to protect and to steal the same Score. One team plays from a hand of Catch cards, while the other plays from a hand of Fix cards. Both sides draw seven cards and play until one team has either protected or stolen the Score four times. Each team plays the card that they would use to either protect or steal the Score, taking the Score itself into consideration. You might protect a bottle of wine differently than you would a rare stamp, or a pile of gold, and likewise your tactics to steal a flash drive would differ from how you might steal a vintage car. Cards are played face down and it's up to the Chief to make the call as to which is more effective.